Ulrich Witt
Professor of Economics
Past Director of the Evolutionary Economics Group,
Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena

Lectures & Courses

  • Presently offered lectures and seminars
  • Biology and Economics – Any Gains from Trade (The Field of Bioeconomics)
  • Group Cohesion, Group Selection  and the European Crisis
  • Growing into Troubles – Self-organizing Criticality and Forced Change in Firm Organizations
  • Economic Evolution = Progress: A Tangled Equation
  • How the Innovative Expansion of Capitalism Causes Global Institutional Crises
  • Evolutionary Political Economy and the Sustainability Question
  • Presently taught Ph.D. courses
  • Evolutionary  Economics
  • Consumption and Consumer  Behavior
  • Graduate level courses taught
  • Theory of Economic Growth and Development
  • Business Cycle Theory
  • Environmental Economics
  • Public Choice Theory
  • Theory of the Firm
  • Decision Making under Uncertainty