Ulrich Witt
Professor of Economics
Past Director of the Evolutionary Economics Group,
Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena
Ulrich Witt
Recent work

Understanding Economic Change - Advances in Evolutionary Economics, Cambridge University Press, 2019 just appeared!

The new volume which I edited jointly with Andreas Chai is out. It contains twelve papers by leading authors that extend the evolutionary approach in economics to new and less researched fields such as macroeconomics, institutions, economic history, welfare, and sustainability. Each of the papers offers new insights and demonstrates how the evolutionary paradigm helps making sense of the ongoing transformations of the economy.

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Understanding Economic Change - Advances in Evolutionary Economics

Part I Introduction:

  1. Ulrich Witt & Andreas Chai, Evolutionary Economics: Taking Stock of Its Progress and Emerging Challenges.

Part II Conceptual and Methodological Problems:

  1. Brian Loasby, Missed Connections and Opportunities Foregone: A Counterfactual History of Twentieth Century Economics.
  2. Joel Mokyr, Science, Technology, and Knowledge: What Historians Can Learn from an Evolutionary Approach.
  3. Jack Vromen, Generalized Darwinism in Evolutionary Economics: The Devil is in the Details.

Part III Perspectives on Evolutionary Macroeconomics:

  1. Richard H. Day, Macroeconomic Evolution: Long Run Development and Short Run Policies.
  2. André Lorentz, Evolutionary Micro-founded Technical Change and the Kaldor-Verdoorn Law: Estimates from an Artificial World.

Part IV Advances in Explaining and Assessing Institutional Evolution:

  1. Dennis Mueller, Democracy, Rationality and Religion.
  2. Roger D. Congleton, On the Evolution of Organizational Governance: Divided Governance and Survival in the Long Run.
  3. Reinoud Joosten, Strategic Interaction and Externalities: FD-games and Pollution.
  4. Christian Schubert, Fairness in Urban Land Use: An Evolutionary Contribution to Law & Economics.

Part V Evolutionary Perspectives on Welfare and Sustainability:

  1. Martin Binder & Ulrich Witt, As Innovations Drive Economic Change, Do They Also Improve Our Welfare?
  2. Andreas Chai, Sustainable Consumption Patterns and the Malleability of Consumer Preferences: An Evolutionary Perspective

ISBN: 978-1107-13620-5